Education allowance

The Rural Development Foundation supports students who are acquiring a vocational education in rural economics, who are enrolled in daytime study and who plan to live and work in rural area. The allowance helps to direct young people towards acquiring a vocational education and training them to become entrepreneurs or educated employees. The foundation has been paying allowance for students since January 2003.

Students from the following schools can apply for the allowance:

  • Hiiumaa Vocational School
  • Järvamaa Vocational Education Centre
  • Kehtna Economy and Technology School
  • Luua Forestry School
  • Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics
  • Põltsamaa Vocational School
  • Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre
  • Räpina Gardening School
  • Vana-Antsla Vocational High School

In one of the listed areas of specialisation:

  • agriculture, farming
  • forestry, forest entrepreneur,
  • gardening
  • horse farming
  • dairy- and meat technology
  • agricultural mechanising, mobile-machine technician